The last year has seen yet more investments and renovation at the Langdale Hotel & Spa in the Langdale Valley and its set to continue into 2016.

From rooms being refurbished and new images commissioned to a revolutionary waterwheel installation close to reception generating electricity to power the 2 Twizy electric cars available for guests to hire, the Langdale Hotel never seem to stop improving, investing and innovating.

The latest and one of the biggest and most significant changes is set to begin on October 14th. On that date Purdey’s Restaurant and Hobson’s Bar will close to make way for a brand new restaurant and dining experience, Stove. The restaurant will be the central dining destination for the whole estate serving everything from breakfast to brunch, to lunch, dinner and snacks.

new lake district restaurant

The name, Stove, reflecting the feature fires and log burning stoves designed for the new restaurant and which are also found throughout The Langdale Estate from the original Range at Wainwright’s Inn to the log burning stoves in each Brimstone Hotel suite.

The interior will be calm, relaxed and will continue with Langdale’s ethos of using local, natural materials. Whether sitting in the outside dining area or inside, the Lake District surroundings will always be visible and prevalent. The restaurant will be open to residents and non residents daily.

So keep checking on the Langdale Hotel in the Lake District website for further announcements to for links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information and updates here,