Cumbria, The Lake District, #theplacetobe

The brand new and exciting ad campaign from Cumbria Tourism promoting Cumbria, the Lake District is now fully live. Centered around the phrase “The Place To Be” or as many will have seen #theplacetobe.

The 6 ads show exactly why the Lake District is The Place To Be through clear, simple yet striking images of areas around the county and an activity suggestion. The ads have been receiving exceptional comments and reviews from everyone from the James Berresford, the CEO of Visit England to the thousands of people on social networks sharing, posting and tweeting about them.

the place to be campaign

The 6 #theplacetobe ads

Launching such a large campaign in January was genius especially with such engaging images that honestly make you go, I want to go there, I want to run there. It also happens to be the largest and most expensive marketing campaign Cumbria Tourism have ever run but the early signs show it has already made an above expectation impact.

One great example of how this campaign is being pushed is on The Telegraph website. Click hereĀ and see some really insightful articles, tips and tempting accommodation images and links such as a spotlight on the hidden gems Ravenglass & Eskdale in West Cumbria to the newest of hotels in the Lake District, Brimstone Hotel at Langdale.

lake district the place to be

A snippet from The Telegraph Lake District #theplacetobe page

With the constant rising in standard of everything from the food to the offerings in shops to B&B’s, self catering and Lake District hotel accommodation in the Lake District, such a campaign meets those standards and the message that this county is #theplacetobe.